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We offer same day visits, physicals (annual, well woman exams, work, sports, employment), immunizations, laboratory, chronic disease management, pre-op evaluations, travel medicine, inpatient services, referrals.


We offer and facilitate cancer screenings including colon , breast, prostate, and cervical cancer.


We facilitate referrals for chronic pain management, cancer treatment, physical therapy, diabetic eye exams, sleep studies, surgery, and many more...


We manage many problems including but not limited to Hypertension, Diabetes, Hyperlipidemia, Thyroid disease, Asthma, Copd, Smoking cessation, Anxiety/Depression, Insomnia, Erectile dysfunction, Heart disease, Stroke, Migraines, Gerd, Arthritis, Sarcoidosis, Common colds, Musculoskelatal injuries (i.e. back pain), Minor burns, Ear wax removal 


For your convenience Kingstowne Internal Medicine is now offering Telephone Consults for established patients.  Telephone consults are appointments during office hours for those patients who would like to speak with the doctor but are unable to come in for an appointment. Telephone consults are scheduled for 10 minutes at a charge of $25 which will be collected at the time the appointment is made. Telephone consults are not covered by insurance.  We strive to stay on time however telephone consults are subject to the same delays as office visits. Telephone consults cannot be used in lieu of regularly scheduled appointments or to discuss new medical problems.  


We offer Exercise and Nutrition classes one Saturday morning and one Tuesday morning every month. Class Descriptions

We have a Psychologist who offered a wide array of mental health services and participates with most major insurance carriers.      Dr. Watson

We have two Registered Dietitians that offer Medical Nutrition therapy and participate with most major insurance carries.       Rick Weissinger                Rosemarie Randolph



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