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Nutrition/Personal Training



To facilitate sustainable health outcomes, a multi-faceted approach is required, assessing the many health factors that influence well-being.


We understand that food is the soundtrack of our lives; we indulge during milestones and celebrations, loss and disappointment and everything in between. Unhealthy food is easily accessible, quicker and less expensive. All of our social ques invite us to over indulge in food. As busy professionals juggling your home and work responsibilities, finding time and energy to exercise may present a challenge. 

Proper nutrition and regular exercise are major keys to disease prevention, weight management and play a role in our bodies ability to heal. As our practice mission is to focus on prevention we will be offering nutrition counseling, diabetic education and personal training to assist you with your goals. 

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We offer Exercise and Nutrition classes one Saturday morning and one Tuesday morning every month. Class Descriptions


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